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Starfish Macro Photographs by Alexander Semenov

After his wonderful series of underwater experiments, Russian sea biologist Alexander Semenov is back with this great series of starfish macro photographs which reveal the vibrant colours, details and textures of aquatic life. Enjoy! ((…)

Portraits of Centenarians by Karsten Thormaehlen

German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen created this great series entitled “Jahrhundertmensch” (Century Man), in which he portrayed 40 people who have lived 100 years and over. All these smiling centenarians have survived two world wars, experienced destruction and reconstruction, (…)

ICEHOTEL Art Exhibition in Sweden

Lights on the marvellous 23rd edition of the ephemeral ICEHOTE art exhibition which was made with over 40,000 tons of ice and snow several miles above the arctic circle in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. In a unique atmosphere, about (…)

10,000 Dying Roses Installation by Anya Gallacio

Lights on a superb installation entitled “Red on Green” by London-based artist Anya Gallacio who specializes in site-specific installations using organic materials as her medium. She pulled the heads off of 10,000 roses that she arranged in (…)

Floating Cars by Renaud Marion

A cool series entitled “Air Drive” by French photographer Renaud Marion who captured scenes with classic automobiles and gave them a fresh wheelless look just like in The Jetsons. An original reminder of how people (…)

Liu Bolin – Hiding in the City

After Lost in Art, Chinese artist Liu Bolin also known as “The Invisible Man” comes back with an even more jaw-dropping series of works entitled “Hiding in the City”. It is currently on display (…)

Justice League of America by Aslan-Sebastian Malik

German illustrator and graphic/motion designer Aslan-Sebastian Malik created this cool series of illustrations entitled “Justice League of America” in which he defaced US dollar bills to transform past presidents into superheroes. Andrew Jackson as Wonder Woman, Benjamin (…)

A Colorful Winter by Florent Tanet

Created by French artist Florent Tanet, “Un Hiver en Couleur” (A Colorful Winter) is a fresh series of still life photographs that is currently on display at La Grande Epicerie de Paris (LVMH group), which (…)

Panoramic Photography by Brent Townshend

Lights on the superb panoramic photographs of Toronto-based artist and inventor Brent Townshend who became seriously involved with photography while working on his doctorate degree in scientific research at Stanford University. “As an inventor with (…)

Jungle Animals Made From Hermes Leather Scraps

Lights on a nice project by French graphic design studio Zim & Zou (see also Back to Basics) who used offcuts from Hermès workshops to create jungle animals for Hilton Mc Connico’s exhibition as well (…)