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Daily Dish Abstract Paintings by Klari Reis

A superb ongoing project called “Daily Dish 2013″ by San Francisco-based artist Klari Reis who creates new abstract paintings in petri dishes (used by biologists to culture cells) on a daily basis. “Klari uses reflective epoxy polymer to (…)

Animals in Real Life by Christoph Meyer

A nice series of photo-manipulations entitled “Animals” by German photographer Christoph Meyer. “I have created five images: Raphael Hernandez, Big John, Travis Latham and the Carters…The whole project took me two or three days to finish (…)

Pantone Pairings by David Schwen

Minneapolis-based graphic designer and illustrator David Schwen created this nice Instagram project entitled “Pantone Pairings” in which he combines foods that go well together just like pantone cards(…)

Ocean Wave Sculptures by Mario Ceroli

Lights on two beautiful sculptures entitled “La Vague” and “Maestrale” by Italian artist Mario Ceroli who despite a lack of notoriety has been one of the most influential artists of his generation says the NY Times. (…)

Pencils Sculptures by Jennifer Maestre

Lights on the works of Massachusetts-based artist Jennifer Maestre who creates fantastic pencil sculptures inspired by sea urchins. “To make the pencil sculptures, I take hundreds of pencils, cut them into 1-inch sections, drill a hole (…)

Crystal Sculptures by Nicola Bolla

Italian artist Nicola Bolla (previously here) comes back with another series of sculptures entirely covered with Swarovski crystals. The pictures were taken by Turin-based photographer Sergio Alfrendini in dark and sinister places to accentuate (…)

USA Match Map by Claire Fontaine

French artist Claire Fontaine created this stunning map entirely made of green matches that were inserted into the wall of the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art in 2011, and which were then set on fire. The (…)

Flexible Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo

Chinese artist Li Hongbo created these impressive flexible sculptures made of thousands of layers of soft paper. His concertina-like sculptures first appear to be made of ceramic but upon interaction reveal their foldable and meticulously built (…)

Starfish Macro Photographs by Alexander Semenov

After his wonderful series of underwater experiments, Russian sea biologist Alexander Semenov is back with this great series of starfish macro photographs which reveal the vibrant colours, details and textures of aquatic life. Enjoy! ((…)

Portraits of Centenarians by Karsten Thormaehlen

German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen created this great series entitled “Jahrhundertmensch” (Century Man), in which he portrayed 40 people who have lived 100 years and over. All these smiling centenarians have survived two world wars, experienced destruction and reconstruction, (…)