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High Speed Photography by Ryan Taylor

A very nice series of high speed shots by Cedar Rapids-based photographer Ryan Taylor. The technique used is very similar to Alan Sailer‘s except that the artist focuses on rainbow-like colored liquids by mixing water and (…)

Birch Art By Mitch McGee

Mitch McGee is an American artist based in Houston, Texas, who graduated from Baylor University in Fine Arts. His most recent project, Birch, focuses on plywood to create pop art that sits between painting and sculpture. (…)

Air Traffic Long Exposure Shots by Terence Chang

A fascinating series of long exposure photographs by Terence Chang, who took photos of air traffic in the sky near San Francisco’s airport. The technique used is similar to light painting, and the results are (…)

Peak Shift Paintings by James Roper

A very nice series of paintings entitled Exvoluta by Manchester-based artist James Roper. His works fuse disparate images from various sources such as comics, fashion magazines, Internet, animation and others, in order to achieve a (…)

3D Paintings by Stefan Da Costa Gomez

An impressive series of 4 paintings by Amsterdam-based freelance creative Stefan Da Costa Gomez. “The idea was to combine the classic analog craft of painting with the contemporary technology and today’s hype of digital 3D (…)

World in a Bubble by Tom Storm

World in a Bubble” is a very nice project by American freelance photographer Tom Storm, who has been going around the world, camera in hands, in order to take pictures of bubbles and (…)

Photography Sculptures by Gwon Osang

Gwon Osang is a Seoul-based Korean artist who creates life-size sculptures covered in photographs. The structures are made with ultralight materials such as styrofoam, and the artist covers them with hundreds of photographs taken with (…)

Focus on Alice X. Zhang

Alice X. Zhang is a New York-based designer and illustrator whose works mainly consist in creating portraits of famous movie characters.  Her approach as well as color treatment are very interesting, and create this intriguing (…)

Focus on Eric Haze

Eric Haze is a world renowned graffiti artist from New York City who has had a considerable impact in the worlds of art, product and graphic design for the past 30 years. “After spending the early 80′s (…)

Light Painting by Dennis Calvert

Dennis Calvert is an American photographer based in Cullman, Alabama, who specializes in light painting photography. “Light is the primary factor in our ability to interpret and define the universe. Capturing light in long exposures (…)