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Shoe Laces Artworks by Federico Uribe

A creative art project entitled “Shoe Laces” by Colombia-born and Miami-based artist Federico Uribe. “Uribe is a conceptual artist resorting to the language of pop art through the use of objects of daily life, (…)

Hero Fingers by Julian Wolkenstein

A fun project entitled “Hero Fingers” by Australia-based photographer Julian Wolkenstein. Made in collaboration with craft designer Tamara Maynes who created the tiny outfits, the concept was simply to transform fingers into cute little heroes. (…)

Stunning Tattoos by Peter Aurisch

We have only talked about tattoos once to showcase the works of Amanda Wachob. This time we are focusing on Peter Aurisch, a Berlin-based tattoo artist whose works are unlike anything we have ever seen, (…)

Blow Job by Tadao Cern

A hilarious series of portraits by Lithuanian photographer and designer Tadao Cern who is currently based in Vilnius. He invited everyone on his Facebook page to share the invitation on their wall and to come to (…)

X-Ray Photography by Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey is a British artist based in Thurnham, England who specializes in X-ray photography and creates amazing photos using industrial machines on everyday objects. “We live in a world obsessed with image. What we (…)

Cinq Fruits by Le Creative Sweatshop

Paris-based studio Le Creative Sweatshop brings us another excellent art project entitled “Cinq Fruits” (five fruits) consisting in creating handmade artworks on a daily basis. “Everyday we imagine , build & capture an object and (…)

Pin Art by Philip Karlberg

A nice series of photographs/art pieces entitled “Pin Art” by Stockholm-based photographer Philip Karlberg which were made for Plaza, a magazine dedicated to interiors, fashion and design. Using 1,200 wooden pins, the artist recreated (…)

Contemporary Photography by Brian Walker

Brian Walker is a contemporary digital artist based in Sydney, Australia who explores the realm between fantasy and reality  by creating scenes that first seem hyperreal but reveal something amiss or askew on a second take. (…)

Embroidered Illustrations by Evelin Kasikov

Evelin Kasikov is a graphic designer born in Estonia who now lives and works in London. After beginning a career in advertising she started to experiment craft during her MA at Central Saint Martins. She (…)

Book Sculptures by Cara Barer

A nice series of books sculptures/photographs by Houston-based artist Cara Barer. Her inspiration for this project started with a random encounter with the Houston Yellow Pages on Drew Street, and then continued with other (…)