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Best Photos of the Year 2013 by Reuters

International news agency Reuters recently released their selection for the best photos of the year 2013. “In this showcase of some of Reuters’ most memorable photos, the photographers offer a behind the scenes account of (…)

The World’s Longest Wooden Carving by Zheng Chunhui

Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui spent 4 years creating this sculptural masterpiece: an over 12-foot-long (12 meters) wooden carving, which entered the Guinness World Records as the longest continuous wooden sculpture. Carved out of a single tree trunk, (…)

Deconstructed Video Game Controllers by Brandon Allen

Canadian Photographer Brandon Allen conducted a cool series of dissections onto video game controllers collected from various gamers. “Each controller was used and often played until it was no longer operable. Some have been physically (…)

Wish : A Gigantic 11-Acre Portrait by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

Lights on “Wish”, a monumental project by Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada who created an 11-acre portrait of an anonymous girl in Belfast using cutting edge GPS technologies. “Making Wish was no easy task. With 30,000 wooden (…)

Intriguing Layers of Glass in Stones by Ramon Todo

A stunning and intriguing series of sculptures created by Dusseldorf-based, but born in Japan, artist Ramon Todo who uses bricks and stones with history and culture (such as the Berlin wall) that he blends with slices (…)

A Lethal Lake That Turns Birds Into Stone

British photographer Nick Brandt stumbled upon a strange phenomenon while traveling in Northern Tanzania at Lake Natron. Located near the Kenyan border, this lake contains high levels of soda and salt, making it lethal to creatures. It (…)

The Mythical Toys of Andy Brown

A simple and nostalgic series of photographs entitled “Toys 1870s – 2000s” by British photographer Andy Brown who gathered and shot the most popular and affordable toys from the past two centuries. The whole (…)

Intricate Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown

Rogan Brown is an Anglo-Irish artist who specializes in paper sculptures and creates very complex crafts inspired by scientific drawing and model making. “My work is an exploration and re-presentation of natural organic forms both mineral (…)

Crazy Portraits from the National Beard and Mustache Championships

Earlier this month took place a very special competition in New Orleans: the 4th Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships which involved 150 contestants from the US, Europe and Canada participating in 17 different categories. Las Vegas-based (…)

Winners of the 2013 Red Bull Illume Photo Contest

Lights on the winners of the much awaited 2013 Red Bull Illume photography contest which celebrates the best images captured in the the world of action and adventure sports. “From tens of thousands of entries, 50 (…)