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I’m Not There by Pol Ubeda

A nice series of illusions entitled “I’m not there” by Spanish art director Pol Ubeda. “How can we accept that we are changing? How can we accept we hardly recognize ourselves in certain situations? I am changing (…)

Most Popular Posts of 2012

Happy new year to all our readers! Let’s begin 2013 by looking back at the most popular posts of 2012. Here is the top 10. Enjoy! (…)

Scotch Tape Portraits by Wes Naman

A cool series of portraits entitled “Scotch Tape” by New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman who captured a wide range of hilarious expressions of people with scotch tape affixed to their faces. The idea started a year (…)

Ink Photography by John Lou Miles

Lights on the works around tattoos of John Lou Miles, a photographer based South of Los Angeles. Equipped with a Leica M8, X1 and lenses ranging from 28-75mm, this young artist captures simple and graphic (…)

Geometric Sandcastles by Calvin Seibert

Lights on the works of Calvin Seibert, an artist who creates amazing geometric sand castles with perfect flat and angular shapes despite using a very delicate medium. With the addition of a modern and abstract (…)

Buddha Pop Sculpture by Gonkar Gyatso

Gonkar Gyatso is a Tibetan-born artist based in London whose works explore the connections and conflicts of the pop culture through the iconic spiritual teacher. His sculpture entitled “Three Realms”, which are the types of (…)

Photography by Stephanie Jung

Lights on the works of Berlin-based artist Stephanie Jung with her beautiful experimental photographs shot during her travels in France and Japan, as well as in and around her city in Germany. The effect created through (…)

Cycle of Decay Sculpted Ceramic Hand

“Cycle of Decay” is a superb sculpture of a hand carved like a tree branch by American artist Christopher David White. “Through the use of trompe l’oeil, we look closer; we rediscover the amazement, (…)

Best Photos of the Year 2012 by Reuters

New York-based news agency Reuters recently released their selection for the best photos of 2012 (see also the 2011 edition). “The conflict in Syria escalated as the pressure to oust President Bashar al-Assad intensified. (…)

Portrait Drawn by Hand with 2.1 Million Dots

Another amazing portrait by Miami-based artist Miguel Endara (Previously) drawn by hand with 2.1 million ink dots. This time, the artist decided to help Benjaman Kyle, the pseudonyme adopted by a man found (…)