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Billboard House by Apostrophy’s

Designed by multi-disciplinary design studio Apostrophy’s, the Billboard House is a residential prototype which was recently on display at the Baan Iae Suan Fair in Bangkok. It is a combination of outdoor media and housing (…)

Unilever Office by Camenzind Evolution

A very nice office space designed by Zurich-based architecture studio Camenzind Evolution for Unilever’s headquarters in Switzerland. The open space blends all kinds of bright colours, textures and patterns with interesting design solutions that encourage (…)

Casa Do Conto Hotel By Pedra Liquida

Designed by Pedra Liquida, the Casa Do Conto (House of Tales) is a unique hotel located in Porto, Portugal. It embodies the past with Porto’s typical 19th century architecture, austere and vertical, contrasted by (…)

Olarra Winery Center by IAB Architects

The stunning Olarra Winery Center was designed by IA+B Architects and is located in Logrono, Spain. Placed at the intersection of three existing buildings, the space is to become a wine exhibition center and also (…)

Chalet Beranger by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance

The Chalet Béranger is a stunning three-storey ski lodge located in the French Alps designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance. Forget the wood logs and the cowbells here, it is an ultramodern loft-like space with fluid and (…)

LED Cathedral by Luminarie De Cagna

An impressive cathedral made of 55,000 LED lights by Luminarie De Cagna, an Italian family business founded in 1930 which specializes in the construction of illuminated buildings. The 92″ (28m) tall structure was on display (…)

Lego PMD by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord

Another excellent project by Copenhagen-based studio Rosan Bosch in collaboration with Rune Fjord  for Lego‘s development department, Lego PMD, located in Billund, Denmark. “A working environment where fun, play and creativity are paramount and where the (…)

Vittra Telefonplan School Interior by Rosan Bosch

An amazing school located in Stockholm, Sweden, whose interior was designed by Copenhagen-based studio Rosan Bosch. Following the principle of Swedish free school organization Vittra, it is a wall-free school with differentiated spaces that (…)

House Tokyo by ALX Architects

The House Tokyo is an amazing residence designed by Sanpei Junichi at Architect Label Xain (A.L.X). Its iceberg-shaped facade is covered with a white perforated metal blindfold through which light gets in and out, while the interior (…)

Loft in Fulham by Nick Heath

A stunning loft located in Fulham, West London, designed by Nick Heath. This double height volume with abundant natural light and rooftop views features different compartments for cooking, working and sleeping with guest beds (…)