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Ubiquitous Office

We’ve a got a thing for hot offices, so today we wanted to show you the superb interior redesign of Ubiquitous, a Manchester-based digital agency. “Craft is at the heart of Ubiquitous, crafted ideas (…)

St Pancras Penthouse by TG Studio

Architecture practice TG Studio recently transformed this stunning penthouse apartment in the St Pancras Chambers in London. It features three bedrooms spread over three levels, one with an open plan overlooking the whole dwelling, and two (…)

YouTube Production Studio in Tokyo

Inspired by YouTube’s icon, Klein Dytham Architecture designed the video-sharing website’s new production studio in Tokyo. The walls are covered in red lacquered ceramic tiles that fade in pink and white from the reception to the lounge (…)

Kempart Loft by Dethier Architectures

The Kempart Loft is a superb apartment located in Liege, Belgium, designed by architecture practice Dethier Architectures for a client fascinated by precision engineering. With a open space surface of 154 sqm (1,660 sqft), it features a (…)

Foursquare Headquarters in New York

Social network Foursquare recently moved into its new offices designed by Audra Canfield of Designer Fluff in SoHo, New York City. Spread over two floors of 28,000 feet each, it features various lounges, (…)

The Most Expensive Apartment in the World

This luxurious penthouse is still under construction but will be available on the market in 2014 for a ridiculous price of 300 millions euros (385 million dollars), making it the most expensive apartment in the (…)

Green Box by Act Romegialli

Located on the slopes of the Raethian Alps, the “Green Box” is an original renovation project of a disused garage by Italian studio Act Romegialli. With a structure made of lightweight galvanized metal and steel wires wraps, (…)

Human.Kind Offices by PPS Architects

Lights on the very nice offices designed by PPS Architects for Johannesburg-based advertising agency Human.Kind. “The brief was to create fun spaces which maintained a degree of corporate professionalism, whilst introducing a uniquely South (…)

Big and Small House by Anonymous Architects

Designed by Anonymous Architects, the “Big and Small” house is located on a steep hillside overlooking the city of Los Angeles. With a lot that is half the size of the typical minimum lot size, (…)

Sauna Box in Shipping Container by Castor Design

Canadian studio Castor Design created this cool traditional wood-burning sauna out of a shipping container. “The Sauna Box is completely self-contained with solar power and a wood fired stove. The box comes standard with iPod (…)