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Villa Flattarna by Wingardh Architects

The Villa Flattarna is one of nine similar houses designed by Wingardh Architects as part of a residential project near Smögen Island in Sweden. It is a beautiful two-storey residence with a faceted design that (…)

House DS by Graux and Baeyens Architects

This house is located in a residential area in Destelbergen, Belgium, and was designed by Graux & Baeyens architects. The client acquired a typical farmhouse from the seventies and wanted to transform it without going through (…)

Ordos Museum by MAD Architects

Located in Inner Mongolia, the Ordos Museum is a true wonder designed by Beijing-based architecture studio MAD. Its futuristic shell shape draws inspiration from Buckminster Fuller’s Manhattan Dome, encapsulating the museum upon a hill (…)

Strelein Warehouse by Ian Moore Architects

A very nice warehouse conversion project led by Ian Moore Architects in Sydney. This 1600 sqf (150 sqm) two-storey residence features one bedroom and two entrances from streets of different levels (5ft – 1.7m) which (…)

Outdoor Design House by Be Fun Design

An amazing two-storey dwelling designed for a Japanese couple in Shinagawa-Ku by Be Fun Design architecture studio. It is a playful house with an indoor climbing wall, sky lights and a daring bathroom with glass walls surrounded (…)

Snow Church by Koeberl Doreinger Architects

The small town of Mitterfirmiansreut in Germany has been building a church entirely made of ice and snow for the past 100 years in order to commemorate the snowstorm of 1911 during which the town burrowed (…)

Thermalbad and Spa Zurich

The old Hürlimann Brewery located in Zurich recently underwent a major reconversion to become Thermalbad. This impressive spa possesses underground thermal baths, as well as a stunning angular rooftop swimming pool overlooking the city that allows (…)

Toda House by Kimihiko Okada

Designed by Japanese architect Kimihiko Okada, the Toda House is a very well-thought residence located in Hiroshima, Japan, which offers an impressive view overlooking the city and the inland sea. Built like a spiral and (…)

Turner Street Residence by Threefold Architects

Turner Street is a stunning mixed-use development located in London and designed by Threefold Architects, which comprises an office, a gallery space, as well as two residential units. “Set in the context of a Georgian (…)

Audi Haus by Atelier FCJZ

Audi Haus is an installation created by Chinese architecture studio Atelier FCJZ which was on display at the F1 international racing circuit in Shanghai, China. It consists in glass partitions surrounding an Audi vehicle that create multiple reflections of (…)