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DeLorean NYC Taxi

A clever PR stunt envisioned by art director Mike Lubrano who got the idea to convert the famous DeLorean DMC-12 from “Back to the Future” into a classic New York yellow cab. The goal would be (…)

Durex Water Balloon Commercial

A nice speculative commercial directed by New York-based French filmmaker Charlotte Rabate and produced by Chananun Chotrungroj. “Durex Water Balloon” depicts the story of two young kids playing pranks on people by throwing water balloons out (…)

Pirate Recruitment by Ogilvy Brussels

A genius recruitment campaign by Ogilvy Brussels who targeted young designers illegally downloading creative software suites by uploading fake files onto the most popular pirate sharing sites for the wanted applications. Not only it prevented them (…)

Music Legends Impersonated by Sony Earbuds

A clever series of print ads created by Welcomm Publicis Worldwide in South Korea for Sony in order to promote the sound quality of their earbuds. Creative director Yanghun Kim impersonated music legends – Elvis, Mozart, (…)

Give More Life to Drawings

A nice series of drawings created by Brazilian advertising agency Fischer America for design studio Macacolandia. The campaign, entitled “Give More Life to Drawings”, great blends pencil illustrations with photographs of real hands to create (…)

The Car Parts by Subaru

Look back on this nice brand film from 2010 entitled “The Car Parts” directed by Timo Schaedel, who created an imaginary world entirely composed of Subaru car parts. “The film expresses how Subaru is (…)

Forza Horizon in the Streets of Toronto

A well thought ambient ad by Canadian advertising agency McLaren McCann who brought the excitement of the famous racing game franchise into the streets of Toronto (see also Audi Slot Car Test Track). With (…)

Coke Zero All Sports by Psyop

A slick animated spot entitled “All Sports” made by American studio Psyop for Coke Zero. In order to capture the attention of every fan, they literally embodied a sports arena within a can which, segment (…)

Uncle Drew Chapter 2 by Pepsi Max

Kyrie Irving and Pepsi Max are back with another chapter of Uncle Drew (previously) who gets sent on a mission to reunite his old team after visiting basketball legend Bill Russell. Featuring (…)

Science World Campaign by Rethink

A fantastic outdoor campaign created by Canadian advertising agency Rethink for Science World, a not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver that aims to engage British Columbians in science and build technology leadership throughout the province. From (…)