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Chandelier Made of Recycled Bike Parts

Installed under a Texas overpass, this stunning chandelier named “Ballroom Luminoso” is part of a series of 6 pieces designed by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock. It is made of recycled bicycle parts, structural steel (…)

Sawyer DIY Wooden Lowrider Bicycle by Jurgen Kuipers

Conceived by Dutch designer Jurgen Kuipers, the “Sawyer” won the bicycle segment of the International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC)  in Tapei, China. It is a low-rider beach cruiser made of wooden panels that comes in (…)

ERW Airless Bicycle Tires by Britek

With this patented airless design, Britek’s Energy Return Wheel (ERW) pretty much reinvents the wheel. This breakthrough technology makes biking safer and more efficient: obstacles slide under the wheel with precision while keeping the tread (…)

Clarity Bike by Designaffairs

A design prowess by german studio designaffairs (see also FYLM Foldable Speaker) who created a fully transparent bike frame made from a polymer called Trivex developed for fighter jet canopies and helicopter windscreens. “We believe that (…)

Rizoma Metropolitan Bike by Dirk Bikkembergs

Designed by Italian manufacturer Rizoma in collaboration with Belgian fashion designer Dirk Bikkembergs, the 77|011 is a sleek bicycle for urbanites which changes the rules with its unique design. It features a distinctive monobloc carbon (…)

Magnetic Bike Light by Copenhagen Parts

Copenhagen Parts is a young Danish design company established in 2009 which develops products that improve the bicycle experience. Their latest product, Bike Light, answers the needs of urbanites looking for good and well designed lights (…)

NSC X CBC City Bike

Clothing boutique Need Supply Co has teamed up with Carytown Bike Company to create this timeless urban ride. The City Bike features a 58cm frame with a custom grey paint, Belleville handlebars, a vintage Regal (…)

Industrial Bottle Opener by Adam Hogsett

This nifty industrial bottle opener is our latest discovery from Etsy (see Bicycle Wine Rack), made by Adam Hogsett in Richmond, USA. “Each opener is manually machined from cold formed steel and hand stamped (…)

Local Bike by FuseProject

The Local Bike is a project that has been refined for months by design studio FuseProject, known their work with Jawbone, and which was designed by Yves Behar. It follows his quest to (…)

Ralph Lauren x Pashley Cycles

A nice collaboration between fashion brand Ralph Lauren and England’s longest established bicycle manufacturer Pashley, with this custom hand-made bike produced in limited edition of 50 units to commemorate the Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run. “A (…)