The Wedding Diary: Red Velvet Cupcakes for LOVE


Yea go ahead, point and laugh. You may jeer at me and say, ‘I told you so.’ When I thought I’d left this blog behind (not so willingly actually) and carried on with life, I found myself here again guiltily putting up one post to share with the world my happiness for a very beloved, special and gorgeous girlfriend who recently got married. There are plenty of backposts, especially those from Kyoto, waiting to go up here on The Sugar Bar but I just never found time. Sometimes anyhow, things get forgotten, places get forgotten, people get forgotten and it’s just all a little sad, nostalgic and bittersweet.

That aside, however, this is just one thing I thought deserved to go into my archives. No great shots whatsoever and the professional photos are not out yet but this little maid of honour here made some wedding cupcakes for her best girl. Royal little red velvets with glittered white buttercream icing and topped with a Chanel red sugar rose.


These cupcakes were all served up on a 3 tier white cake stand (the graceful one from Wilton oh what a lifesaver that purchase was!) and placed onto a whole dessert bar the bride and I ‘curated’. Cakes from Antoinettepatissierie, lemon cream & passionfruit macarons I begged off a private chef acquaintance ‘J’, wedding cookies from The Patissier and plenty others. They were all wiped out within minutes.


My dearest S, all married now; and she was married in Vera Wang! She was truly radiant and beaming with joy. I cannot be happier for her and her husband. And what a great time to get married too can I say. This Christmas time, everyone’s in good spirits. Perfect for celebrating.

To their happiness, to friendships, to futures together, jokes and companionship, to homecooked dinners and profound happiness. (Let’s drink to that.)



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