Sensational Light Tornadoes by Martin Kimbell

British photographer Martin Kimbell created this superb series of light tornadoes by using a smart combination of LEDs and long exposure techniques (see light painting). These intriguing airborne light forms were possible by simply (…)

iPad POS Systems – All the Right Reasons to Implement Them

If you have a small store or business you might think that it’s not worth it for you to implement an iPad POS system, as it is a seemingly expensive system. However, you should know (…)

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod

Developed in collaboration with professional water craft riders, this superb personal watercraft by American manufacturer Strand Craft is made of carbon fiber and epoxy, completed by optional wood and carbon inlays. This 16-foot boat features (…)

Handcrafted Wall Racks by JM and Sons

Lights on the works of Canadian furniture makers JM&Sons, two designers who strive to reflect Canada’s rural beauty through pieces which retain their natural ruggedness. These two friends live and work in downtown Toronto (…)

2014 iPhone Photography Award Winners

Last week, the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS), which celebrates the creativity of iPhone users, announced the winners of the 7th annual contest for the Photographers of the Year and 7 other categories (Animals, Architecture, Children, (…)

5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Switch to Web Conferencing

When you’re running a business, making the right decisions about how to run your business effectively is not always easy. So many companies are out there competing for your business and promising to save you (…)

Zilla x Dynomighty Wallets : Giveaway

Dynomighty is a brand founded 10 years ago by NYC artist Terrence Kelleman while working at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) with the aim to empower expression through products. Their goods are now sold in over (…)

10 Cool Watches Under $500

Here at Zilla we are watch addicts, literally. But with this passion that many of you share often comes a barrier which is hard to overcome: price. In order to cope with real life budgets, (…)

Luminair Tree Tent

The Luminair Tree Tent is an awesome suspended spherical tent large enough to accommodate two adults, but a bit too large to carry around to go camping. This semi-permanent structure features a hybrid aluminum and steam-bent (…)

BookArc Mod by Twelve South

The BookArc möd BookArc Mod by Twelve South is a sleek arc-shaped MacBook stand made of wood designed by Twelve South. It elevates your laptop to provide you with a clean workspace, features a built-in cable management and is available in three (…)